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Product Introduction

Transit Trolleys


  1. Is easy to spread out for use.
  2. Is easy to store goods.
  3. Does not take up too much space.
  4. Is in common use in industry and business so as to extend more space for production lines.
  5. Allows you to plan production, save labour, and reduce cost so as to reach higher manufacturing ability.
  6. Ensures personnel and goods safty during movement.
  7. Provides huge loading, folding and storage capabilitise, and does not take up too much space.
  8. Tags attached help you to understand the process flow, transpors things with good flexibility, and use easily.
  9. Provides the use of exhibition, long service, higher mobility and pleasing to the eye.
  10. Provides lever with safty leather belt which allows your to rapidly load and unload goods, and transport them with trunk through the whole process.
No. 外型尺寸(mm) Wheel Surface Coating
C-001 800 600 1,450 6" ×2" Thin Coating
C-002 800 600 1,700 6" ×2" Thin Coating
C-003 950 800 1,700 6" ×2" Thin Coating
C-004 1,100 800 1,700 6" ×2" Thin Coating
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